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timmy o neill

A great story-teller with a keen Irish and always-very-dry wit, Tim was a partner at Lamb McErlane for more than 25 years. Everyone at the firm benefitted from his humor, his stories, and his unwavering enthusiasm for the law. He graciously mentored many younger lawyers in a complex area of the law and was exceedingly generous with his knowledge, time and talent. Trail Creek Outfitters is a local outdoor clothing and gear store located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. For 30 years, the business has been carrying top brands and offering excellent customer service to the community around Glen Mills.

  • I was guiding three of my advanced students up the Eaglet in NH.
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  • Tim was passionate about his work, was long recognized as one of the preeminent voices in the world of municipal finance and was one of the most sought-after lawyers in the region in bond matters.
  • Did we mention that Timmy, along with his late climbing partner Dean Potter, was the first to connect three grade VI climbs in Yosemite Valley in a 24-hour period and has established first ascents on famous big walls around the world?
  • My neurologist warned me that my stay would be protracted as we waited out dangerous post-trauma vasospasms for at least 10 days.
  • Starting to get a bit lost, we went into one canyon, then another, up and over crazy rock ridgelines dropping into other slot canyons.
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Hailing from Philadelphia, Timmy O’Neill left after one semester of college to head out and design a life for himself. He quickly became known as the “Urban Ape,” scaling buildings around the country, like the Chicago Tribune Tower, without any ropes. Now, he’s a seasoned Patagonia-sponsored climber with a lengthy and impressive timmy o neill resume that includes setting world speed climbing records in Yosemite, and first ascents around the world in Venezuela, Patagonia, Pakistan and Greenland. Timmy is also a world class slack liner, mountain biker, and kayaker, and recently guided completely blind kayaker, Lonnie Bedwell, down the Zambezi, a class V River.

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We returned from the peak and I headed down to the main lodge where we were staying. I was finishing a set of twenty pushups when I felt a sudden burning within the back of my head. It felt like my brain stem was being dipped in hydrochloric acid. Within an instant, the pain was spreading across the surface of my brain.

timmy o neill

Guiding has taken me places, introduced me to unique cultures and provided me with a sense of satisfaction beyond my wildest imaginations. Everything from secret ice climbs in Colorado to the high mountains of the Karakoram and everything in between. After traveling the US working outdoor education gigs, Ted earned his B.A. It was there that the diverse geographic region of the Colorado Plateau and western ranges delivered opportunities to build a lasting connection to the mountains. In Educational Leadership as the foundation for cultivating new climbers as the Director of Outdoor Education at The White Mountain School in New Hampshire, an AMGA Accredited Business. Originally from Colorado, Shane has lived in Seattle since 2002 where he loves exploring both the Cascades and the big city.

“My role was to warm him of tight turns where we needed to reduce speed,” says O’Neill of his position as co-pilot to a one-eyed driver. Fast forward a couple of years and Ray, along with his local surf buddies from the Macho Beach Noseriders Club, was ready for another adventure. They set their sights on the Baja 1000 — nevermind that none of them had ever really driven a race car. Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days and arrive within 3-10 business days. Bold lead, wasn’t hard but the face is steep and there is no gear in sight from below.

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One late night while reading, after all were fast asleep, I answered a knock at the compound door to reveal Gotshalk, a tired and hunched clinician, softly petitioning for Dr Jill. She rose at the first call of her name and then walked across the quiet compound towards the canvas walled ward, where each bed is shrouded with a mosquito net. When she returned thirty minutes later, I was still awake and I quietly asked, “How was everything? ” to which she replied, “One of our elderly patients who has been very ill was expected to die tonight and she did.” And with an audible exhalation punctuated by the words, “See you tomorrow” she turned in. Jill’s committed caregiving in this forgotten outpost made me understand that dignity is required as much for the dying as it is for the living. I fell 120 ft off a mountain once, and I think it was the worst and best thing to ever happen to me. I was guiding three of my advanced students up the Eaglet in NH.

I am an ambassador for DPS Skis, Skratch Labs, Zeal Optics, Dynafit and the Winter Wildlands Alliance. I was a ski instructor and race coach before becoming a guide. His mindset for climbing was a progressive one that involved making climbing in general less work and more fun. He brought free climbing to big walls and made hang dogging acceptable. I think it was his ideas that have paved the way for making climbing more mainstream and acceptable to the general public. My most memorable moment when instructing rock climbing was when I was able to take my brother, Ozy, climbing in Boulder, CO last year.

  • I flashed back to this scene from my hospital room as thousands of protestors gathered for the International Women’s Day march.
  • I was a ski instructor and race coach before becoming a guide.
  • Ray asked O’Neill to join the team, which by O’Neill’s own admission was “a bit of a leap.” The climber hasn’t owned a car for three years and jokes that he’ll never even own an electric toothbrush.
  • Upon reaching the summit, classic spring Northeast conditions hit with wind and sideways rain.
  • When the snow melts you can find him whitewater kayaking, looking for a good swimming hole, or counting down the days until the next snowfall.
  • Culturally, Anthony Bourdain’s curiousity about the world and non-pretentious way of approaching it is admirable.
  • I have had the good fortune to spend a few days with Emilie in the mountains in the Adirondacks.

He could have retreated into his injuries and given up on climbing. Instead, DeMartino, who had one leg amputated under the knee, got back into his harness.

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I got back to the States just as COVID-19 was disrupting not only travel but every aspect of how we gather in person. I traded the sterile isolation of the intensive care unit in Chile for the less severe, yet collective quarantine of the Bay Area.

Abby can happily be found on rock, skis, in a variety of boats or hiking the local trails and carriage roads in Acadia National Park with her dog and partner. I have had the good fortune to spend a few days with Emilie in the mountains in the Adirondacks. I appreciate and admire her respect for the mountains and the understated manner in which she climbs, skis, and explores amazing places. Our lives are appraised not only by our personal actions but also by our communal impact to inspire and empower others to action. After I rolled out of the hospital, I stood up and felt the sun on my face. I hadn’t taken a single step but I felt like I was summiting a significant peak. I realized how little I needed to feel happy, human and whole and immediately I felt the urgent gratitude of simply being alive.

timmy o neill

A polymath with endless gifts and talents, Timmy is a rare gem of a human being. An accomplished comedian, musician, and outdoorsman, Timmy is equally at home summiting some of the world’s most techinical climbs as he is embracing the often daunting internal journey of self-realization. Did we mention that Timmy, along with his late climbing partner Dean Potter, was the first to connect three grade VI climbs in Yosemite Valley in a 24-hour period and has established first ascents on famous big walls around the world? Did we mention Timmy is a world-class kayaker with multiple first descents? Or did we mention that he is Co-founder of Paradox Sports, a non-profit dedicated to providing people with physical disabilities the opportunity to pursue and be successful at any and all human powered sports? Timmy O’Neill lives to change lives and share his unconditional love for adventure with everyone. O’Neill’s countless accomplishments and experiences as a professional athlete have helped him share his passion with people who struggle to access the outdoors.

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I’ve been a volunteer tech for the past decade working in sub-Saharan Africa with Dr Geoff and colleagues applying solutions that are based in medical science and powered by belief. I suppose those that have been doing it for lots of years have a definitive moment that they call “Most Memorable.” For me, however, I struggle to say one moment was above all better than the other. I fancy myself an in-the-moment person, and am delighted when a day spent outdoors guiding and instructing results in clients or students having their personal best days. This to me, is the epitome of what it means to guide and teach. I climbed Epinephrine at Red Rocks with a woman that had first imagined doing the route ten years before.

Knowing that Erik had done a similar approach to our adventure, then also climbed was astonishing. Tim always strove for perfection, in both his work and his home life, and was deeply devoted to his faith. Most of all, however, Tim was a family man who cherished his time with his wife, Kate, his children and adoring grandchildren. O’Neill returns home to Philadelphia to share these stories of passion and overcoming adversity with the community surrounding Trail Creek Outfitters. Donation to the Himalayan Cataract Project delivers immediate life-changing eye care to poor and underserved populations that would otherwise go without care. Our nine-person team from the US, Ethiopia and South Sudan consisted of three eye doctors, three surgical nurses, a biometrist to measure the eye and determine the new lens, an anesthetists and two techs. The word had spread via mouth and radio that doctors would be arriving to cure those with “white eyes” as the typical black pupil is obscured due to the milky occlusion of the defective intraocular lens.

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Erik is blind and has some remarkable climbs under his belt, many which most skilled climbers will never do. They had just returned from climbing the Beauty, heard we were thinking of doing it and told us we definitely should. The approach sounded a bit complicated but Timmy drew us a map. His directions started with walk along the cliff, when you hear a dog barking walk towards the cliff and into the canyon.

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  • Athletically, I really draw my inspiration from the true watermen of surfing.
  • It was a wild adventure, some of the canyon scrambling was pretty sketch.
  • One of his comedy personas is “Dr Steven “Death Zone” Clark”, in his “Mallory Revisited” play.
  • He has set many speed records in Yosemite National Park on several of its formations, including a world-record ascent, with Dean Potter, of the famed Nose on El Capitan in 3 hours 24 minutes.

The unknown has always fascinated me, be it a summit or the the bend in a river, but this was different. I have always imagined ways past and around the obstacles—now I was imagining the obstacles themselves and not the ways past.

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Upon reaching the summit, classic spring Northeast conditions hit with wind and sideways rain. The group remained super psyched, laughing and having a blast. Learning to ski ice in the hills of Maine may have permanently warped my perspective – but I’m happy skiing anywhere in the American West that there is snow. It’s wonderful having a lightweight nylon tent you can carry on your back and take with you anywhere you go, but sometimes you want…

The prayers are sung in a beautiful way and calm the nerves when things are getting spooky. I recall a few occasions, being on lead, getting far above my pro on potentially unstable rock, with not much in sight then all of a sudden this calming sound would echo through the valley, the feeling of these moments is indescribable. A few days after arriving in Tel Aviv we bussed down to Eilat, the southernmost point of Israel that borders Egypt and Jordan on the Red Sea. Ilana had some family living there which we had a great time staying with before heading to the Jordan border the next morning. At the crossing we showed our passports, having used my Israeli passport to enter Israel I instinctively used that passport not knowing it would lead to me being denied entry. Ourcureblindness.orgcataract interventions are filled with patients traveling long distances, often walking multiple days, spurred on by the possibility of being cured. This was the first eye health campaign in the region, and the largest ever in the country, and each morning we would walk outside the clinic compound and encounter masses of the newly arrived.

In September, he joined blind athletes Erik Weihenmayer and Lonnie Bedwell on 278 mile-long kayak of the Grand Canyon and will speak about his experience at this event. Discover today’s celebrity birthdays and explore famous people who share your birthday. View popular celebrities life details, birth signs and real ages. During the past several years, Timmy has been exploring the world’s great mountain ranges, climbing from Pakistan to Patagonia.

For me, the initial seed came from my brother Sean, who transformed the crisis of his paraplegia into the challenge of climbing. Eventually, I co-founded Paradox Sports, a non proft dedicated to bringing accessible climbing experiences to people with disabilities. I harvested the hard-earned wisdom of blindness via Himalayan ascents with the brilliant, blind adventure athlete Erik Weihenmayer. I have spent a decade volunteering with Cure Blindness and the indefatigable Dr. Geoff Tabin in sub-Saharan Africa, curing preventable blindness via high-volume cataract campaigns. These deep roots continue to bear the fruits of meaning, compassion, and love in my life.

Seeing a classic national monument, the stoic hero atop his horse in Plaza Italia, which has been the hub for the class riots, instantly piqued my interest. So I jumped at the chance to come back to Patagonia this February to climb the peak along with her, Rick Ridgeway, and a film crew led by Jimmy Chin.

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